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For the last ten years or so, Amélia Cadieu has been creating and teaching in her studio in Ouistreham, Normandy.
It is the quality of this artist’s work that first catches the attention, delighting the observer with an extensive knowledge of the inherent harmony of supple shapes and apt colours. Meanwhile, the mind wanders through the generous, elegant, and beautifully flowing impressions created by the artist’s exceptional pictorial brilliance, which in turn revitalises bodies in a captivating dream world.
Amélia Cadieu has nevertheless momentarily shirked the lures of the half-figurative and half-considered contemporary provocations in order to pay tribute, through her approach, to the durability of a Slavic style, one that is steeped in appeal and conveys a message of pure beauty.
Innovating is only natural and no one could blame her for thus intensifying the lively, welcoming serenity, with its hint of mystery, and transforming it into charm and even humour with a brushstroke as invigorating as her palette of colours. Painting is like literature: the obscure clarity of pedants would not stand up to the admirable beauty of a work steeped in life and passion. Amélia Cadieu is authentic and constantly proves this through her choices, themes and colour blends.
If she does dispense with quirks of fashion, she acquires the nobility, delight and magic that comes of acting as an artist who is accountable to herself and of exploiting this fact to the full.

André RUELLAN, art critic